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We work on internal/external infrastructures and bring fresh ideas to any challenge. We produce solutions that just work and help your business succeed.


New Wave Conservation

New Wave Conservation...

Alibi Salon NYC Owned & Run by Celebrity Hair Stylist Koby Ben...

Contrary to popular belief Apple devices are just as vulnerable and in some cases more so than their competitors. Secure...

A flexible and affordable suite. Interested in transitioning to or from Google Apps for Business? Contact our experts today...

OneDrive is an excellent Cloud Storage Solution on its own or as part of Office 365.  ...

Google Drive Security

Google Drive Security is tricky. Let experts handle your provisioning and data lifecycle to prevent threats both internal & external....


Words from Our Satisfied Clients

  • Koby B.

    Small group of young talented tech geniuses, they designed a unique custom website for me and I'm already getting great feedback from it. Highly recommend to use them for any technical support or design.


Consider the numbers…

average days between a compromised computer resource & detection
percent of Americans have fallen victim to Cyber Crime
cyber crime victims per second
percent of all businesses suffered some sort of computer hack in the past 12 months
types of companies left in the U.S.: those who've been hacked & those who don't know they've been hacked
In 2008 $1 Trillion worth of intellectual property was stolen from enterprise systems worldwide



Our Team

Meet our staff… 

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    Eric Denholtz


    Eric is one of the founders of IsraTechnologies. An energetic and knowledgeable engineer who is exceedingly passionate about customer satisfaction. Click LinkedIn Icon for Resume 

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    Ilan Benshoshan

    CFO / COO

    Hebrew Hammer…

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    Faizan Zulfiqar


    High-end skills always utilized quickly & efficiently; Faizan is a critical asset to IsraTechnologies. Faizan also will be managing his own, hand selected, team to take on entire web app projects with minimal support from his coworkers at IsraTechnologies

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    Nina Prester


    Passionate about Branding, PR and Marketing; We are thrilled to have Nina join the IsraTechnologies team!

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    Searching... Email us


    We are always looking for fresh talent. Drop us a line..

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