The Rise of Ransomware! Public Institutions even Hospitals Held Hostage!

Over the last two months Ransomware infections have held not only home users hostage but many high-profile targets like hospitals, churches, schools and even courthouses.

Is the shame on reporting such incidents disappearing? Earlier this month, a Ransomware infection paralyzed the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles. Patients were diverted to other hospitals as the infection locked down key software.

During the past couple weeks, many public institutions are acknowledging similar incidents, something that used to never reach the ears of the press.

IsraTechnologies has observed the latest Ransomware in the wild and in the lab grow incredibly fast recently. It seems common now for the newest Ransomware families to have the capacity for high-end encryption.

Ransomware is rapidly impacting more and more public institutions, not just the average joe.

A courthouse used to be a highly unusual place to spot Ransomware. The Arizona Superior Court in Pima County had a run-in with Ransomware, yet their sysadmins claim that during the incident no files with court information got encrypted.

Infections have been spotted at two German hospitals; Lukas Hospital in the city of Neuss and the Klinikum Arnsberg hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia. Similar to with the aforementioned incident at the LA Clinic, these infections sent hospitals back a few years; Doctors and nurses had to literally use pen and paper to manage their patients. Also, a Locky Ransomware infection that took its first high-profile victim with the Whanganui District Health Board in New Zealand.

Ransomware also infected two US churches. The first was the Community of Christ Church in Hillsboro, Oregon, and the second was St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Sioux City, Iowa, both hit on the same day. Of the two, the church in Oregon ended up paying the ransom.

Let’s not forget Public Schools that have also been impacted. The seemingly first case infected computers at a local Public School in Oxford, Mississippi.

A second event not long after: Ransomware locked a numerous servers owned by the Horry County school district in South Carolina. After downtime was suffered the school administrators agreed to make a payment of $8,500 to simply unlock their files and remove the Ransomware.

Don’t let YOUR business or institution be caught off guard, embarrassed, not functioning and held captive by malicious Ransomware. Contact IsraTechnologies today to ensure your business, workflow and/or data REMAINS SAFE!

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