Telecommunications enters cyberspace for business customers

Company Bezeq announced today the launch of a new service to the business market under the title Bcyber cloud – a service area of cyber businesses, allowing business to another tight control its data security systems. THE SERVICE collates and analyzes threats to information security various business, targeted alerts delivery and transfer of regular reports and more.

In addition, the Company will offer the following services: IP central business cloud services, cameras, cloud backup service for businesses, virtual servers and more.

Business Division at Bezeq, Koby Paz, said: “Pack Services Business Cloud Bezeq brings to the business customer a real message of accessibility, reliability, availability, security and an attractive price. For the first time in Israel can the business customer to enjoy the suite of services that allows him maximum access, fully redundant, and security level the highest, while it can control and monitor from anywhere and at any time what is happening in his business, very attractive price and with considerable savings in the budgets for construction and maintenance of similar services located within the business “.

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